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Understand loan amounts, tenures, processing fees, interest rates, compare lenders and get transparent information on loans.

Eligibility Criteria

Loan eligibility is calculated based on your type of Employment, income and Area of Residence among other factors.

Must be a Self Employed (own business) or full-time salaried employee

Must be having Monthly income more than 15000

Must be between 18 to 65 years of age

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Documents required

frequently asked questions

Many aspects of an individual are considered before a loan is approved. Yes, you can apply for a loan even if your salary is in cash.

Personal loans can be issued without a good credit score or a lack of credit history.

Yes, loan disbursals can happen as quickly as four hours. You may apply for a loan in case of an emergency or immediate need.

Individuals can apply for personal loans whether they are salaried or in business.

Yes, there are financial institutions that provide loans without collateral as well.

The maximum tenure for personal loans usually goes up to 15 years. There is no minimum tenure, and you can repay the loan early if you want to save money on interest being paid.

Yes, you have to provide a reason for the requirements for funds. But the reasons could cover aspects like home renovation, household purchasing, education, debt consolidation, emergency needs, working capital or asset purchase, and many other reasons.